Hiring your nanny in Italy

Are you a parent looking for a nanny for your little boy or girl? Or are you looking for a job as a nanny in Italy?

You are in the right place! I can help you to hire your nanny by drafting a customized agreement suitable for your specific situation to protect your rights and avoid penalties or incurring liability.

You will find some essential aspects to consider here below.

Why do you need a lawyer to hire your nanny?

If you have decided to hire your nanny, the assistance of a lawyer can be essential to understanding how to regulate your relationship with your nanny.

In fact, in the initial phase of contract negotiation, the impartial role of a third party, such as the lawyer, is essential for understanding and analyzing the requests and needs of the parties.

The advice of a lawyer is also essential in the drafting phase of the employment contract as it can help you to put the parties’ intentions in a written form.

After signing the employment contract, counselling from a lawyer can help you manage any disputes or contract changes.

Hiring your nanny: what aspects should be covered in the employment contract with your nanny?

The aspects to be covered in the employment contract with your nanny are different: some are defined by law. Others, however, vary according to the needs and agreements between the parties.

Below is a list of some of the issues to cover in your nanny’s employment contract:

  • the names of the parties and the date of commencement of the employment relationship
  • the nanny’s duties
  • the salary
  • working hours and its distribution
  • the duration of the employment contract: part-time or full-time? Fixed term or indefinite?
  • the length of the trial period
  • the place of work
  • holidays

Salary and nanny’s compensation: how to calculate it?

Several factors affect the quantification of the nanny’s salary.

The calculation has to be made based on a minimum amount required by law, as well as a series of other elements, including:

  • working hours
  • the duties you will have to perform
  • the nanny’s experience

I can assist you in drafting your nanny’s employment contract and calculating her salary thanks to the support of employment consultants with whom I have been collaborating for years.

Do you want legal advice on how to hire your nanny?


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