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Avvocato Ida Parisi

After completing my studies in law with a dissertation on comparative private law, titled The surrogacy agreement in Italy and the United Kingdom, I have chosen to focus my professional activity as a lawyer on the study of personal and family matters and issues.

My motto has always been Audentes Fortuna Iuvat, and a few years ago my resourcefulness, curiosity and ambition took me to work overseas, in a California law firm specialising in Family Law and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

That experience allowed me to gain more knowledge on these matters, including on an international level. I joined the American Bar Association (ABA) – Family Law Section, Assisted Reproductive Technologies Committee – as International Lawyer Associate, and to date I have taken part in conferences and panels, also as speaker, to discuss matters such as family law and ART, in Italy as well as abroad.

I firmly believe that a comparative analysis of legislation is essential to offer my clients complete and high-level advice, and, from my point of view, a good lawyer is not only a competent and prepared person but also available, empathetic and reassuring.

Precisely for this reason, I like to take care of my customers scrupulously and attentively personally: in fact, I believe that the story of each of them is unique and essential and therefore deserves to be valued.


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