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I often get asked why assisted reproductive technology should be relevant from a legal or regulatory perspective, given that it is a medical procedure.

Actually, the application of in vitro fertilisation techniques (homologous artificial insemination, heterologous artificial insemination, etc.) has produced new types of family relations, which often raise doubts and uncertainties.

It is therefore crucial to be familiar with the law on artificial insemination, in order to understand the effects and legal consequences of such choice.

I provide legal advice on the Italian law on artificial insemination (Law 40/2004), with special focus also on the comparative law aspects of the matter, regarding the recognition of family status acquired abroad.

My legal advice services also cover the protection of family situations involving homosexual parents(so-called rainbow families) and single parents.

If you want to learn more about Assisted Reproductive Technology, read the article below.

Assisted Reproductive Technology: why do you need a lawyer?

Conception through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) represents an alternative to natural conception and is governed differently from the latter.

Assisted Reproductive Technology is regulated according to the Italian law no. 40/2004. 

Therefore, the legal assistance of an expert lawyer practicing within the Medically Assisted Procreation field becomes essential to know the Italian law on the subject.

Not only.

If you decide to undertake a fertility journey path abroad, it is essential to understand in advance what your rights or obligations might be.

Medically Assisted Procreation, IVF, Medically Assisted Reproduction: are they the same thing?

Often used to replace one another, these terms have the same meaning: they refer to medical procedures that allow a couple or a single person who cannot naturally procreate to create their own family.

The law on Medically Assisted Procreation or IVF

Assisted reproduction techniques are regulated differently in different countries of the world.

In particular, in Italy, it is Law 40/2004 that regulates the subject of Medically Assisted Procreation and specifically identifies:

  • who can access PMA in Italy
  • in which cases and under what conditions can these techniques be accessed
  • what characteristics must have the centres where such procedures are carried out

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